How I Enrolled 100 Clients Into My Group Programs in Less Than 6 Months

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These are the ONLY 3 things I started focusing on to go from struggling coach to creating results and crossing 6-figures with group coaching offers. (with a small audience, no paid ads, working less than 15hr week)

Up to now I have only use these process with my paid clients. The results ranging from them:

  • Slayin' their first group launch
  • Having 5-figure and multiple 5-figure launches while working with me.
  • Going on to grow their audience and serve hundreds and thousands of clients in the following 1-2 years.

I decided to share this with you, because even during the pandemic, my clients have gone to launch their offers and one signed his first 10 paying clients and another signed 18 clients (making over $21K) within the last 2 weeks of filling up this guide!

You can use this guide to take off with your own group coaching program (even if you are just starting out)

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